Be You and Become

Become and make the world better.

U are the U in Us

There are almost 8 billion of us people, but there is only one you, U.

Without you there would still be almost 8 billion people, but it wouldn’t be us.
You are the U in us.

All of us are on one remote, small planet, Earth, called Gaia. It is in the perfect, Goldilocks situation. The temperature It’s not too hot, and not too cold. It has a mix of some 100 elements that join in millions of compound, including H2O in liquid form, water. It has enough gravity to have an atmosphere. It rotates, so there is day and night. It is on a tilt, so the northern and southern hemispheres alternate through seasons. The physical Earth is the geosphere.

The physical Earth, the geosphere.

Life, self-replicating, growing matter, is possible under these circumstances. It takes many forms including, plants and animals, who live an interrelated web. This is the biosphere.

Earth’s biosphere has a variety of life.

Humans shape the planet by using and developing the land and its resources, including the living ones. They change the Earth’s physical character with agriculture, dams, canals, roads, mines, ice breakers, nuclear explosions, and cities. Their actions change the Earth’s climate. This is the anthrosphere.

Earth as changed by humans, the anthrosphere. There are now close to 8 billion people.

Human consciousness is part of what makes Earth what it is. It is called the noosphere.