10 Ways to Live Longer Healthy

1. Don’t Die. The number one way to live longer is not to get killed. It sounds like a joke, but it’s true. Just like eventually every glass used in a restaurant will break, given enough time an accident will eventually happen to everyone. That’s the nature of accidents. So in the same way wet, soapy glasses are more likely to slip, and the higher they are stacked the more unstable and prone to fall, so it is with humans. Some things are more dangerous and you can die doing them. For example, your chances of dying are relatively high if you belong to a criminal gang, go base jumping, swim in rough seas when there isn’t a lifeguard, go cave diving, play with a loaded gun, ride in a car with a drunk driver, cross the street while looking at your phone, tease a bear when hiking, etc. There are also jobs that have high casualty rates, such as loggers, fisher folk, and the military. Other ways of increasing the odds that you will die prematurely are not taking precautions against life threatening accidents, for example not wearing a bike helmet, not using a seatbelt, not following warning labels, not obeying traffic laws, etc. So choose what you do, and when doing something risky, be more cautious.