10 Ways to Live Longer Healthy

5. Eat and Drink wisely. You are more than what you eat and drink, but how you nourish yourself plays a big part in determining your health and longevity. Many people in second and third world countries can’t be choosy in their diets, but if you can, take advantage of what is known to be healthy and what is proven to be unhealthy and make the healthy choices The government puts out a food pyramid that is a very general guideline.

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The Food Pyramid is the government’s general guide to a healthy diet.

Read the labels of ingredients and remember that fats, sugar (glucose and fructose), and salt are your enemy disguised in deliciousness. Particularly unhealthy is food cooked in heated and old oils, so eat deep fried foods in moderation, especially if the frying has been oil that has been in the deep fryer for a long time. When eating food cooked in hot oil, soak up as much of the oil as you can with a napkin. Let the oil on a slice of pizza drip off. Not only is the heated oil very fattening, it is also full of the free radicals that are especially unhealthy.

Meat grilled over charcoal that has dripped fat and has been sitting in smoke, is a known carcinogenic. Propane grilling is generally less smokey and healthier, though cooking meat in high heat is also known to produce cancer causing chemicals. Less grilled meat is better and moderation is the answer. That goes for smoked meat as well. Processed meat (bacon, sausage, salami) are also known to increase the chances of getting cancer. The answer again is moderation.

Red meat and especially processed meat cause cancer. The less of these you eat the healthier. Image credit: Cancer Research UK