How You Become

You Become as you fill your needs

You Become as you fill your needs

All people need the same things to survive: air, water, food, safety from predators, an environment that isn’t too cold or too hot. It is when these physical needs are met, when they survive, that they feel the need to continue to have the survival and the security of knowing they and the people they care about most will have these needs met into the future.

Once survival and security are attained, people strive to fill the needs for social relationships; love, acceptance and the esteem and prestige of those they respect. Then, when they have attained these, they strive to fill the need for accomplishing their personal goals which may be spiritual, creative, meditative or others, for example, one with nature.

This sequence is not rigid and people may be reaching to fill needs on different different levels simultaneously, but this is how the psychologist Abraham Maslow explained the hierarchy of needs. It is illustrated as a pyramid with the most basic needs, the ones that the most people attain and which they go for first, as the broad base, and the higher needs as the narrowing top.

The hierarchy of needs is like a pyramid. Most people fill needs from the base up. To become is to live so that one tries to fill needs as high up as they can.

Become by living so that you, and the people you care most about, are aiming to meet their full potential. Like most of the major goals one sets, they aren’t fully reached, just approached. That is what it means to become. To go to a light that is always brighter up ahead. There are some things that are outside of a person’s control, for example, resources such as water and food may be unavailable, there may be natural disasters, and human caused crises, but even when one struggles to fill those most basic survival and security needs and is not concerned about the ‘higher’ needs, they are becoming. To become is not reaching a level of fulfillment of needs, but a striving to meet needs.